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Becoming Her in Women's History Month

"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.”- Dr. Maya Angelou


As some of you may know, March is #WomensHistoryMonth, and today, March 8 is #InternationalWomensDay. It is in this month, and more so, on this day that we celebrate the women who have paved the way before us, the women who are standing with and encouraging us in our everyday journey, and the women who will learn and trailblaze after us. We thank you!

Now, let's talk about Becoming Her in Women's History Month. You may be wondering "who is 'her,'" "what does 'becoming her' even mean," and "how does 'she' becomes 'her' in this month"? In short, the 'her' I am referring to is you and me.

Butterfly on branch

We are ever-changing and metamorphosing, heaven-sent creatures with a purpose and a calling. Each change or phase that we go through in life is to both teach and prepare us with the necessary lessons and tools for the next step.

If you are a gamer or grew up playing video games, it is essential for you to take your current skills, earn new ones, acquire more advance and sophisticated tools and weaponry, make allies along the way, and hope to find a med kit or extra life to boost you up in the next level. The same applies to us in real life. All of our experiences, the obstacles we've faced, our support systems, and our internal makeup and motivation are integral for our ability to evolve, and in essence, to transcend into the future version of 'her.'

Becoming Her is one of the newer 2021-2022 social media trends or movements that focuses on the full transformation of women in any and/or every aspect of her life. From the #thatgirl community on TikTok, #bossbabes empowerment pages on Instagram, the #howtos on stepping into your divine feminity or in burning 500 calories in 30 minutes workout videos on YouTube, and the most researched questions of #selfcare and #selflove on Google are all-encompassing concepts under the Becoming Her framework. It is a pairing of inspiration, techniques, some journaling, healing, and awareness mixed with some glam to achieve the greatest version of a "woman" the person wants to become. You can even say the beginning of 'her' started in the home as we sat down listening to the matriarchs of our families glint and glisten over how sexy our mom looked back in the day, or how poised our grandmother who was beloved by all but whose mouth was as sharp as a tack.

In this community, you are called to grow in your mental, spiritual, emotional physical, and financial well-being. You are to play an active and understanding part in your healing, learning, and growth processes, which is why #BecomingHer is so important in relation to this month! It births the notion of hope, inspiration, and the tenacity needed to see yourself through to the future version of 'her'.

I fell enamored with this concept because of my own history of self-sabotage, doubt, and fear. I had so much fear that I allowed it to root into a tree and make a house out of its own branches, but I had a hunger and a vision for more... a hunger to live a life worth living. I came to realize my crossroad was that my imagination was as vast as the sea, and my dreams would extend into another universe. Although they scared me, they only grew as time progressed, and so did my hunger to actualize them. I wanted to see my dreams through more than I wanted to fantasize or escape my fear-stricken reality, which brings me to today.

Throughout my own journey of learning about myself, healing, identifying the things I want for myself and out of life, I fell upon Becoming Her in December 2021. I had already started to acknowledge my fears and the areas in which I wanted to improve. I already had a few journals and agendas, goals, and a framework of my own to navigate the ups and downs of life, my insecurities, and external constraints should any arise. From the outside looking in, you could say I was prepared for war with my 'old' self and ready for the triumph when I become "her." The funny thing about my situation is that this was not my first time preparing for "war", but this was my first time with the knowledge of Becoming Her, preparation, and prayer that I made the commitment to be consistent, intentional, and partner with my journey/experience. Listening to worldly expectations and internal comparisons would only deter me from excelling beyond my imagination and goals. Becoming Her encouraged me to commit to at least one push per day. Whenever I feel hesitant, resistant, doubtful or fearful, or insecure, I would push to challenge the emotion and overcome the situation.

Today, I am a business owner of some exquisite natural body care products, a published author, a world traveler, a content creator, and a woman with as many talents as she has dreams. WOW! Am I the version of "her" that I had initially envisioned at the beginning of the new year? Well, yes and no. No, simply because there is more in me that I want to see realized. Yes, because I am in the middle of my transformation. It gives me chills to write this, and I get little butterflies acknowledging the growth I have made within 3 months of the new year!

My excitement extends to myself, but ultimately to you! I am hopeful for the dynamic and enigmatic shades of you to come as you traverse life as the many versions of you, and if you'll have me, I will be here every step of the way. To summarize it all, this is how we become her in Women's History Month on International Women's Day! So when you get a chance today, grab a glass of champagne, wine, or fruit-infused water to cheers with me! We at #KMahoganyBeauty thank you and salute you for all that you are and to every version of you (the past, present, and future) alongside every other woman to grace this earth!

Cheers Ladies,

K. Maghoany Beauty

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